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Study Languages Abroad

Come with us on study trips abroad and learn firsthand how you study abroad well and rapidly increasing your knowledge of the local language. Studying abroad will progress quickly, because time spent studying a foreign language directly in the country will accelerate the absorption of new words and expressions. We can also study abroad, but the ratio will help untie the tongue stud and drop anytime you get into a situation where a foreign language will need to communicate. And if that were not enough - studying abroad opens doors to new friends, fun, interesting places and culture.

With us you can travel not only as a student, but also on specialized management courses and study visits for children.

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Over the summer starting from July 8, 2019 and lasting until August 30, 2019 we will offer those courses: ...

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New dates for FCE and CAE preparation courses: FCE:  18.3.2019 - 7.6.2019 CAE: 19.3.2019 - 7.6.2019 NEWL...

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SPRING 2019: FCE preparation course:  14.1.2019 - 14.3.2019 CAE preparation course:  15.1.2019 - 14.3.201...

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