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English For Children

London institute offers courses in English for children of school age. Courses are designed for children aged 9 years or above. Very well, we are aware of the fact that the teaching of English in primary schools is often not the appropriate level of individual children and teachers often are not qualified teachers but only English-speaking people without adequate education.

Therefore, in our school we organize English classes for children with a qualified, educated native speaker teacher. Education is conceived as a form of games and competitions with an emphasis on active vocabulary and spoken word. This method of teaching English to children is proven, even in individual lessons. Children quickly lose their inhibitions and very soon communicate in English.

We do not use the old-fashioned mechanical way of teaching, but we try to motivate your child so that they want to learn new words and concepts for themselves. We create a positive relationship with children with their further studies, making it easier for them to overcome future obstacles in their studies.

With this approach, children will not learn English practicall, but learn it as naturally as their native language. We create a home atmosphere where the child is not stressed by not knowing certain knowledge, but we help him with our tolerant and individual approach. This method is more successful than classic learning, where the child must get used to a person speaking two different languages .

We do not have a semester course of English for children, but we can arrange individual instruction for your child.


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