For Managers

Language courses for managers abroad are intended for key workers for companies and specialists. They focus on the development of strategies, expert mastering your chosen areas, business terminology, communication skills, negotiation, presentation.

This form of study will allow clients to penetrate the culture of English language course with the highest quality. Language courses for managers allow maximum use of time, the client pays the studio. Teaching takes place in very small groups or in various combinations with individual instruction. For detailed information on how to run various managerial language courses, see the detailed description of each course or in our office.


Over the summer starting from July 8, 2019 and lasting until August 30, 2019 we will offer those courses: ...

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New dates for FCE and CAE preparation courses: FCE:  18.3.2019 - 7.6.2019 CAE: 19.3.2019 - 7.6.2019 NEWL...

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SPRING 2019: FCE preparation course:  14.1.2019 - 14.3.2019 CAE preparation course:  15.1.2019 - 14.3.201...

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