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Preparing For Maturita

Our preparation course for Maturita will help you pass in English.

Textbooks: Maturita Activator - Intensive preparation for Maturita

The structure of the book, according to which the outline of the course is prepared, corresponds to the Maturita test. The book is divided into:

Reference section: Information on Maturita exam strategies, model texts and Maturita exercises
Thematic section: Practicing a wide vocabulary to Maturita themes
Grammar: Grammatical functions in exercise books and Maturita format.

Conversation topics:

  •      People, family and social life
  •      Home
  •      School
  •      Work
  •      Food
  •      Shopping and services
  •      Travelling and tourism
  •      Culture
  •      Sport
  •      Health
  •      Nature and environment
  •      Science and technology

Grammar includes:

Present, past times, present perfect and pluperfect, expressing future time, conditional sentences, There is / It is, passives, binding Have sth done, modal verbs, possessive pronouns and indeterminate adjectives, reported speech, relative clauses, conjunctions, prepositions, verb patterns, interrogative postscripts.


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